Monday, April 18, 2011

New whip or walk down the aisle. Please Help !!!

Dilemma Dilemma, what is a man supposed to do?

With sun finally shining, the new contract going well, it's that time to start look around for this year's new whip.

There is no problem with the Merc Cab, but it's always been a dream of mine to own and floss around in a Porsche Boxster and before the grey hairs are in full effect and grecian 2011 cries at me that it's no longer worth it, something needs to give.

But you see, this year should also see another wedding other than Kate and one of the prince's after I finally proposed to the missus late last year after... well let's just say a long time. And with an imminent wedding on the horizon, caterers snapping at our heels for confirmation and the Branson island in Necker, available at the end of August for a knock down cost you can imagine the ear-ache/discussion's I am receiving at home, to nail down a date.

However a man cannot stop wanting his toys and while most women, cannot understand the logic behind a metal contraption on wheels, albeit with convertible roof, leather interior, 3.2 super charged engine, heated seats and looks that make Beyonce, think twice about 'putting a ring on it' and sing a song about filling up with unleaded petrol, most of my male friends are wondering when I will be purchasing the car mats and what colour.

I want to do the right thing and sometimes what we men think in pleasing wifey in fact has the opposite effect. These opportunities do not come along that often whereby as Prince William has found out, there will always be a Church offering discount and a reception hall willing to cater for up to 100 guests at a short notice, where you can bring your own patties, vimto drinks and knock off coleslaw, purchased by the tub.

Stay posted to see whether I live or die. Just in case future wifey is reading this blog, I am in no way substituting you for metal and rubber tyres more adding to your wag lifestyle allowing you to visit Tesco's and Asda in style.


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