Monday, April 18, 2011

Tony Blair seeks Knighthood - oh my Gosh....

I couldn't believe it myself, whilst returning from this year's Gadget Show event, up in Birmingham, listening to LBC on a nice Sunny afternoon, when I heard the Queen's hierarchy were actually debating whether to offer this war-monger the said-to-be pinnacle of British establishment: that of a Knighthood. Although it does not surprise me, the fact that a man who took the country into an illegal war, which has claimed the lives of close to two million people should be rewarded with such a title, leads to believe one can somehow be rewarded in this manner and that the number of lap dancing clubs one has visited has no bearing on the outcome of the title. Forget about the M.B.E or Lord tspoonfr, head straight for the top and claim the knight of the realm and go down in history instead of going down somewhere else.

This tops Barack Obama who was given a Nobel peace prize back in 2009, while in the midst of two wars and the loss of countless innocent victims. But then again Mr O is far from finished and I expect another invasion or two in the not too distant future. Idle hands seek trouble, my Mum used to say.

So what has Bliar done to warrant such an accolade one can only presume? What social enhancements has Tony accomplished to even be mentioned in her Maj's presence or was the standard donation to Prince Philip Alzheimer's fund sufficient enough entry to be considered serious enough to start introducing this maverick as Sir Anthony Blair?

For a man who not only opened the floodgates of the British border, more or less took the key and threw it into the Channel this is a further step to the direction of total dictatorship. For once he bequests the mantle of Sir, once can only surmise that England will be renamed Tonyland and only people who were allowed entry to the UK under his leadership will be allocated the vote.


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