Thursday, November 29, 2007

Allez les jeunesse de Paris

"Yes and thump him again and throw a molotov cocktail and set two cars alight". Don't be shocked by my outbursts, as this was on the cards since Sarkozky served as mayor of the affluent Paris suburb of Neuilly from 1983 to 2002, then became interior minister, where he was in complete control of law and order in Paris, at a time of high tension, racist attacks and inferior housing accomodation. Things have spirralled since he came to power six months ago. Having myself only been part of France for the last five and a half years, it has come as no surprise to see the latest riots and outbursts in Paris, which have now spread towards the south (hopefully not close to where I live) towards Toulouse. A brief summary of the last weekend events, where that two Algerian teenage boys died after being chased by police, whilst riding stolen moped's. The Gendarmere (French Police) quickly stated that they had not chased the boys to their deaths, but they had to give chase in order to stop the boys causing further damage and destrucion. I believe this to be the 5th such incident in the same region since I have lived there, so you know the five-0 are up to their old tricks. Two years ago there were a series of arson attacks against African and Moroccon buildings and apartments blocks, where over 20 people died. The Villiers-le-Bel where these incidents occur are like the ghetto's you find in New York and many cities around the world. The slight difference here is that these people are treated with such distain and oppression from their own government, they have started to appeal to the UN for mis-treatment against citizens.

For those of you not familiar with Paris, not all you see in the glossy magazines and on TV is true to the eye. For many Parisians the future is bleek and has been for the past 30 years. A job, any job is treated with blessings akin to winning the Grand National and Boat Race rolled into one. Requests for an improvment in housing, health aid, education coupled with the racist and facist attitude and behaviour of the police has continually been met with a stone wall silence. All the while tensions, drug crime's and the ineveitable stabbings and killng's of teenagers and young adults, continue to sour, displaying a way of French life the suits and cavier brigade would prefer to keep from tourists and out of the brocheures.

As a voice of the oppressed throughout the world, I not only understand their plight but agree with their actions. Time and time again I try to explain to people that not all people of the world open their cupboards to find jaffa cakes and cocoa bread. To those that do not have, little option is open but to fight for your right as a human being and survive. When you couple hunger with having to defend your self in a war zone against racist and underpaid police officers, then the cocktail of violence and rioting is inevitable. Those living in the Villiers have one of the highest rates of unemployment and the increase in mortality deaths are bordering on a third-world level. And yet many French seem to blame the African's and Muslim's for the reason the country has remained stagnated for the past 100 years. It's not the African's fault why France has removed the word entrepernurial from the dictionary or that fact that Australia and other countries produce better quality wine than Monsiour Vin rouge? The answer remain's a simple one. As long as France remains a socialistic country burying it's head in the sand, a-la-ostrich, without accepting responsibility to improve conditions and suitable employment, the younger generation will have more in common with Jadakiss than French kiss and alienate itself from it's country folk. France has remained standing for so long, they I fear for the next ten years in France, as I feel the situation will worsen unless they have a 180 degree mind change.

We live in a world where teenagers from Paris, Glasgow, Brussells, Bangkok and London are seen no longer as different, having been brought up in similar bubble's comprising an MTV environment, Internet Chat lines and budget airlines, have enabled the youths of today to live and travel in a world not defined by boundries and borders, but only by the limitations of one's mind.They are more politicallty aware than their parents were 30 - 40 years ago, which enables them to grasp the policies and identify with leaders who continue to surpress their individuality and freedom. They can relate to Eminem, Jay Z and 50 Cent and seek to emulate their hero's wealth and lifestyle, through a variety of legal and illegal measures and concepts, designed to 'make paper'. To them, what is the alternative? A career where you are treated worse than Britney Spears with knickers on, only to end up suffering chronic heart failure, high blood pressure or working 15 hours a day to be diagnoised at 43 with liver failure.

The game has changed. No longer is it important to build a future. As there may not be one. No longer is it deemed important to have a career, when you can trade on ebay and make more money than President Sarkozky. No longer is it deemed important to lay down roots and settle in one country for the rest of your life, when you have cheap flights with RyanAir and property so cheap in many countries you can afford to have a house in each corner of the globe. The world has become so small that it's now considered small change. So unless France and similar countries move with the times, I'm afraid we will have to get used to news issues such as this or the lone gunmen, who wanders into a school or shopping precint and shoots dead 10 innocent people, because he is frustrated with the lack of improvement in his social environment. Get a grip government's and show a sense of duty to your citizens otherwise, people with no hope will ALWAYS take the law into their own hands. And history has shown time and time again, that you cannot compete against a set of people prepared to die for a croissant. It's not the rioters who are to blame, but the government and the people of France who sat idley by, while continuing to elect puppet, pimp presidents, who made Bill Clinton look like Tim Henman. Unless you offer hope and a future for our youngsters, expect to see more riots and over-turned burning cars in cities already awash with crime and mass infestation.

Watch this space for more developments in the land of the nude bathing, Eric Cantona and cheap wine.


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