Thursday, December 6, 2007

Go on Ricky....Punch his f**king head in

This weekend sees the boxing fight of the year between Englishman, Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather from USA, rated the best boxer in the world right about now. As we do not have our usual boxing correspondent, as he's busy ripping off tourists in his taxi in central London, I have had to stop surf the porn channels at work and write this article. So apologies if not up to the usual standards and excuse the spelling mistakes, as I cannot find the option to spell check.

This is a fight I have anxiously been waiting for for more than a year now. It should be a classic, but like many top-notch fights preceeding this, it could well be a party-pooper and we could be clamouring to have Frank Bruno back. But I doubt it. It has all the makings of a street-fight. A great old fashion tear up, not to the level of Iron Mike, more like in the Nigel Benn era.

Hatton posses a record of 43-0 unbeaten fights and will be severly tested in Las Vegas on early Sunday morning. Every challenge has been met and Hatton has that British attitude that I like. Already he is in Mayweather's face and if American's hate one thing, especially black American's, it's someone up in their grill. So you can imagine 'the mayman' either poohing pants or looking to Merc Hatton after the fight.

I recall the Lloyd Honeyghan fight back in the day, when he went to America and beat up Don Curry, again at that time rated the best fighter and against all the odds. Honeyghan came back to UK, went into McDonald's on Walworth Road with his belt and bought 127 Happy meals. Ahh those were the days, when South London became as world famous as Brooklyn, Eindhoven or Milan. Hatton needs to take the fight to the 'Mayman' as I firmly believe these are the tactics, if he wants to hear "The New World Champion is....". So go in there Ricky, with that Britishness and grit we all posses - but many do not know how to utilise. Punch his head in and if he is still standing then give him some low blows and a headbutt- when you get up close and the ref is not watching. Ruin his game plan and frustrate him. Should you follow my game plan Ricky and actually win, then just give me a shout out while you're being crowned world champion and we'll talk about the fees when you return to blighty.

For those of you unable to get to Vegas for the Sunday morning fight, as you may have prayer meeting or errands to run for wifey, then you can download the fight from the various torrent outlets, free of charge. I heard on the grapevine that Sir Don (I love you Don) will manage Ricky should he defeat Mayweather and offer the Hitman five future fights totalling £15 million, with Don King due to net £22 million. That's what you call Don King Business.......


After fight review:

Pretty Boy'
retained his belt against 'The Hitman', but what a fight. Hatton did all he could on the night but was not up to the skills and dirty tactics of Mayweather. When I saw Tom Jones, singing the national anthem I wanted to get my bet back from the bookies, and what is it about Englishman and dissing other peeps National Anthems? No respect whatsoever. There was a stage in the fight where Hatton rocked Mayweather, but it couldn't be sustained and the moment was lost as Mayweather started to turn the screws from the seventh onwards.

Hatton fought back dirty and got aggressive as he knew the referee would do him no favours. There was a moment in the sixth when Hatton was deliberatly elbowed, he didn't whinge or complain, he just carried on attacking and the look on 'Pretty Boy's' face was one of forlorn , destitute and helplessness. It was here that Hatton should have stepped up his game, countered, dropped two right over cross and a triple uppercut from the left side, two low punches and a headbutt, but this is easier for me to say, sitting behind a desk on a computer, with this blog opened in one window and the latest adult toys from the far east in another.

Hatton is too good to retire and will be back as he has a good heart, stamina but lacks the skills of the top guys. When he does come back he has to learn how to throw the 'Tyson' punch - the one where the elbow connects to the jaw and how to tie up the opponent when the referee is on the blind side. No black man is going to give up his title that easily and walk the street being known as ex-champ, without the Tyson playbook. Nuff respect to you 'Hitman' you did credit to your people, you went in there and did not freeze or become stage-fright, like previous known fighters, who's name we will not mention, but after appearing in pantomine are now battling drugs and violence addiction.

'There's only one Ricky Hatton, one Ricky Hatton, walking along, singing a song, walking in a Hatton wonderland'. There's only one.....



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