Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Book Club: - Why Black men love White Women

I'm going to rival Oprah and start an online book club review. Once a week I will nominate the book of the week, that peeps need to go and order off amazon or ebay. After you have read the book, put it back on ebay and re-sell or put some wrapping paper around it and send as a presie.

This particular book was suggested from one of my close spa's who was having a little trouble in this particular department of his relationship. Now, you know black peeps don't like to read anything more than betting slip and bingo card, so when we get into domestic trouble we have nowhere to turn to in order to seek solution and us men, especially us, then end up walking around the streets like a zombie and wonder why we did not see the 10 tonne lorry heading in our direction. So save on the hospital car parking, the cheap and tasteless cups of tea and purchase the book for less than the price of a good bag of orange bud. An important a book, since Sidney Poitier asked the world "Guess who's coming to dinner?"

Here are some of the questions that the book poses in our search for Jungle Fever happiness

CELEBRITY: From Michael Jordan to Bryant Gumbel to Tiger Woods, high-profile affairs and marriages with no shortage of controversy.

SEX: Are black men choosing white women -- or rejecting black women?

RACE: How white male insecurity is the key to understanding racism.

RELATIONSHIPS: Is it more than love that brings the races together?

POLITICS: How fear is used to gain power, from sexual politics to global war.

MEDIA: How movies and television keep black men running to white women.I still think that the book's title alone can spark an interesting and possibly explosive debate.

Next week we will bring you an exclusive interview with my good friend Maurice who has been dating Claire for the past 12 years. They have three lovely children, but Maurice will not commit to 'jumping the broom' and the relationship contains it's explosions. We ask Maurice if he were eating more rice n peas would things be any different at home. Tune in next week and see this ground breaking in-depth interview.


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