Monday, November 5, 2007

Just go Defoe.

Jermaine, Jermaine!!!

What on earth are you doing bro? Throwing away your career and for what? It's as if our Black footballers have not learnt anything since 'Johhny B' was heralded as the next Bobby Charlton and then subsequently hung out to dry and blamed for England's failure to win a football competition since 19 long time. I've always admired Defoe. He has all the qualities to be as good, if not better than 'the leg' Ian Wright. Pace, awareness, control, skill and leads the line very well.
A synopsis of the situation lies like this: Defoe is the fourth choice striker, behind, Berbatov, Keane and new boy Darren Bent. We grew up fighting the captain if we were fourth pick in the playground pick-up much less fouth choice striker. Fourth spot in the premiership actually means, "we don't really need you. You can find another club as soon as possible, as we're trying to limit the wage bill". "You may get a run-out, once a fortnight and you can lead the line in the Carling Cup against Swindon".

Is this any way to treat an England International ? This comes on top of the way he's been treated by England. At the world Cup Erikkson decided to take an untried boy in Theo Walcott and told Defoe he could go home on the eve of the tournament. That would have been the moment to bring some drama to Sven's Mum's house or display the definition of Merc'd.
But the fact that he wanted to be one of the lads and not like Mike (Mike Tyson that is) means everyone knows they can now take liberties and he will just grin and bear it. Defoe, it is time to do a Freddie. A Freddie Kanoute. He left Spurs, went to Spain for three years, won two uefa cups and now Spurs want him back. Good players will always be courted JD, so leave Ledley and dem man in the cold England, go abroad, while you're still young, score 20 goals a season for two years and see what happens. Should you actually enjoy living abroad in a hot climate where people respect and treat you like a human being (again ask Freddie) then feel free to stay where you are and laugh at Ledley King trying to get in the England team. The word from the ghetto is that, this is what happens to Black footballers more used to eating chips and salad instead of dumpling and pepper-pot. Time to get didgy Jermaine.

Others who belong to the Jungle Fever, chips-instead-of-dumplingpossee

Marcus Bent
Darren Bent
Jermaine Pennant
Kieron Dyer x3
J Lloyd Samuel
Louis Saha
Kieron Richardson
Titus Bramble
Emile Heskey
Didier Drogba
Jeleon Lescott
Darius Vassell
Rio Ferdinand
Bobby Zamora
Luis Boa Morte

Total number of Black footballers in the Premier League 128
Actual Black footballers with a Sister 1 (Darren Beckford??)


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