Thursday, November 15, 2007

England Women football - what a rip off

With the recent announcement that the players for England fo0otball team were paid a paltry £40 per day (equivalent to £1,400 over the tournament)during their five week stint in China for this summer's world cup finals, members of the team have been outspoken in they're condemnation of what they percieve to be pre-historic attitudes involving women and sport. The women's team who put on a credible performance, in reaching the quater finals, considering they are only part-time and many of the players spent their own funds for travel and family arrangements. "Two months back from China, people are still working to recoup the money," said Chelsea striker Eniola Aluko. She went on to say, "We are all grateful that we went to the World Cup but realistically we can't sustain the level of progress because of employment issues".
Laughter on the street of North London could be heard on Choice FM , in that you cannot even buy 1/2 a key for £1,400 and that the youths in Tottenham, drive around their BMX bikes with £1,400 strapped to the frame.


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