Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paul Ince to become next Liverpool Manager

I would like to be the first to endorce Paul Ince as the next manager of Liverpool. Yes, you heard it first here at blogspot. It's about time someone stood up for Incey, who has had a remarkable start to his management career. He saved Maccesfield from certain relegation last season and after changing clubs in the summer, he has gone on to take the MK Dons to the top of the league, playing attractive football, blending youth with experience. He has also won the Manager of the Month on no less than four seperate occassions.

Suffice to say if Incey was of the alternative skin pigmentation then McClown would be gone on Saturday and Incey would be installing a back-up team of: Sir Les, Johnny B, Des Walker and Neil Ruddock for those who don't listen. Raas, I would dare anyone to turn up late at the next England get-together or pull out with injury. Could you imagine, players not giving 100%, like they have been doing under McClown and Erik Clueless for the past eight years? As a prelude to managing England, he should take the Liverpool job, when Rafa is dismissed, after only 15 fans turn up to watch Liverpool pass the ball 48 times to reach the opposition's penalty box, without having a shot.


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