Monday, November 5, 2007

A new dole initiative

Government to give x8 times dole money to people claiming unemployment benefit

As from January 2008 Britain will be giving people claiming unemployment benefit up to 8 times their dole money in order to purchase their first house and get on the runaway property ladder. We spoke to Winston from Grays End, one of the first recipients of the dole for house campaign, who has been unemployed since 1972. Winston would like to state for the record that he has been actively seeking employment since he left school and has just been unlucky.

reporter: Hello Mr Winston Augutus, pleasure to meet you. How do you welcome the proposition by the government to help you establish yourself on the property ladder?

Winston: Irie. It come in good time. But first I man will tek the lickle money they a gimee you seen and buy one yard a foreign.

reporter: But isn't the money to help you buy a house in this country?

Winston: Dem never tell me bout dem tings and me done tire a de cold in Engerland.

reporter: That sounds like a good case, but I'm not sure how successful you'll be.

Winston: Me already done apply and get me money, and start bill a yard back home.

reporter: So how will you continue to get your payments?

Winston: You nah know about Western Union? Dem people will fix up anyting fe you

reporter: Oh I see. So while the government continue to pay your £545 per month rent allowance, you'll be living in the Caribbean in a newly built house?

Winston: You know how long me live in this country and take cold wedder in me back ?

reporter: So you will be giving up your citizenship and all your possessions in the UK?

Winston: You tink I stupid? I keeping the yard and renting it out to one Bangladeshi family who just a reach, seen.

reporter: But doesn't this house not belong to the council? Will you not have to give it up when you depart?

Winston: Look man, dem nah know where me a go and what me a do you understand? Best way fe keep tings, pon the low-low.

reporter: I understand, so how much does your rent cost you if you do not mind me asking?

Winston: Pay wha? You does see I man a work? A free tings me a deal with. You a ask some stupid question, you go a college for dem ya job?

reporter: I think we'll leave it there Mr Augustus, thanks for your time and honesty.

Winston: Cool brethren and go back a college, you hear me and stop ask people foolishness.


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