Monday, November 5, 2007

Thoughts of the week ......

Questions they don't ask on Question of Sport or Block Busters or things I thought about at breakfast...

If you can use your laptop on the aeroplane, is there a law against watching hardcore porn?

As a black person, does anyone else feel strange when they have a seat on a bus and it's full?

What is a European translation for 'I'm safe' ?

Do other parents hide the phone and turn up the TV, just prior to beating their children ?

Why do grown men wear trainers with Velcro straps?

Has Emile Heskey ever scored ten goals in a single season?

If love is more important than money, can you love your partner when they can't pay the Gas Bill?

Should men allow ugly women to cross at the crossing or drive straight on and let them wait?

Is there a black man who has been to court more times than Pete Doherty?

Why are the adult channels on subscription in the UK unlike free to air in Holland?

Do Didier Drogba and Emmanuel Adeybayor realise that straightened hair for black men went out in the 80's?

Why is there not an option on the census form for Baby Mother/Father ?

Why do people go into an internet café and surf porn?

Why do people go into a coffee shop - and can't handle their weed consumption?

For people who do not eat pork but do eat fish. Have they realised that fish pee in the sea ?

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Anonymous said...

Have you got any more pictures of Louis Hamilton please?