Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ashley Cole - missus left him

Serves you right, you muppet. At long last one of those football WAG gal, decide to see sense. I always wondered who the f**k Ashley Cole thought he was. You ain't bigger than the millions of other brother's on the street - so stop floss like you born in 'Shire and went to Oxford. You're a ghetto man, with paper's - so stop fronting and act like a role model to us other black youths.

And you now have to go back to Mummy so she can wash your brief's and make salad for you, instead of soaking gunga peas. Hope you will warn your boy's JD and SWP and tell them to stop following what JT is doing, because we black people look on them cheating tings as nasty.

You big fool, and for what. I may understand if she was one a the gal's out of Eternal or En Vogue or Kelly from Destiny's Child. I could even understand if you managed to get caught with Whitney H. But to get bag with girl from Woolworts or Boots - and you on x grand a week - makes you look like a numpty.


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