Monday, February 4, 2008

Watch your back Barak

It is now down to a straight forward race between Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama. On the eve of Super Tuesday, when the final rounds of voting takes place in California, there will be left two deligates from the Democratic party and one member from the Republican party, before final nominations are held in November. From here on in, expect to see American politics scale to heights not seen since the JFK era.

In a nutshell, you have the possibility of either the first black president or the first female president of the most global and capitalistc country on the planet. The next seven months will prove whether America is ready to embrace either of them. I have my doubts for a number of reasons. Hilary is still the only one left, that has not rejected that the US lied and misled it's own people into the war on Iraq and she is a firm advocator and supporter of Israel, and therefore cannot be about peace in the Middle East. Then you have brother Barak. He's articulate, intelligent, a solid leader and most importantly has implemented plans and goals to end the war, reduce inflation and with that restore the confidence to a nation that has been battered and bruised since this decade began.

My only worry is not the voters and the electorate, it's the powers above the President. The real players. The Rockefellers, the Bilderburg Group and the Council for Foreign Relations, Bill Gates and dem people. Also known as the 'Nightmare Team' also consisting of statesmen and world leaders, such as Henry Kissenger, Colin Powell, Kofi Annan and new entrant Tony Blair. This is where Geroge Bush will reside when he leaves office at the end of the year. Planning and scheming to install the next president or prime minister, wherever in the world. Even at this late stage, with the votes cast, I expect to see someone other than the three main players to emerge and claim the Presidency, as Barak and Hilary are seen as weak bellied and therefore liable to unwelcomed attacks from the media and right-wing groups, unable or unequipped to defend. (Black Bill's problem) To be the leader of the United States, the number one charateristic the leader must posses is an ability to deflect and spin personal attacks and turn them into positive victories, hence the reason Little Georgie has been in power for eight years and 'Black Bill' only served four.

Hilary has a political luggage stemming way back to Nixon and the Watergate scandal of the 1970's. With hubby Bill riding shotgun on the campaign van instead of chasing gal around Washington, pretending to be Mack Bill, they both have been playing the race card against Barak, to distarrous effect. The voters have realised they are in dire straits and now is not the time to be comparing Obama to 50 Cent. More important are their jobs, recession, rising interests rates, whether they will be able to put petrol in the cadilac and the increasing costs of medical insurance.

As for Obama he is a different kettle of fish. The hierachy did not expect him to play ball this well. It's as though Barack is now quaterback, and we need only glance through the pages of history to see not only there have been two quaterback super bowl winners but the number of US black leaders, heading for the white house has been even less. So now they have a dilema, as what to do with the black man who has the majority of the votes, able to bridge the race gap and actually put an end to the endless cost of the Iraq war, said to be costing the US $2 billion a week in aid, resources and troops.

We have not heard the last of this campaign, regardless of what happens tomorrow in Super Tuesday. And expect to see a lot of mudslinging or worse over the coming months as the US enters into an era of uncertainty which could have a profound effect in years to come. Already there are odds on whether Barak will make it to November. I have my doubts, knowing these people and the significance of a black man head of the biggest army in the world, with all that power at his disposal. Imagine Barak has argument with Baby-Love in the morning, over some foolishness like, he was meant to empty the rubbish and he forgot or did not do it correctly and that day he is scheduled to fly to Japan on state visit. Now my man has to travel x amount of mileage with stress on his head, cause you know to black man, argument is not finished until we get the last word. Carry on discussion with baby-love on Air Force One, instead of finalising plans on how much export we gone allow the Japanese. Uh uh... It's OK for Fifty and Jay Z to floss around the offices of Def Jam and Interscope and chat about being CEO, but when you raise the stakes to presidential level, then we are playing a different game, where there can only be certain winners and Barak is not one of them. Thoughts of run Jesse run spring to mind when I see Barak get this close to that infamous house.


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