Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just not right

What is it about certain man in life? This week, a French trader loses £3.7 billion on the stock market and with it most probably thousands of people's jobs and can walk from court house and straight into a lap dancing club, with not so much as a tag on ankle.

And then you have Rafa fart house allowed to keep his job, after yet another embarrassing performance, this time at the hands of part timers, who's name escapes me right now, but I distinctly recall a few were dustmen, window cleaner's and one even worked at B&Q.

Ashley Cole & Jermain Defoe. Infact most of the black footballer's. Don't dem man have no shame? Teddy Sheringham sleep with one girl, then Marcus Beat went and get a taste and now Jermaine is sniffing around the same girl as though, she was Goldilocks and had the honey pot. With the many available, pretty women, who know how to soak peas overnight, have an idea of what a shopping list is and don't mix up the colureds with the whites, could they not find someone more akin to keeping out of the paper's rather than one who has been round the council estate of the premiership? Don't let me start on Kieron 'The Pimp' Dyer.

Glad to see the African Nation's tournament has started. Proper football, with no organisation or tactics other than the numbers on their shirts. Ahh bless. Guaranteed there will be a few new goal celebration's never seen this side of the Hemisphere. If anyone can guess how many African players Harry Redknapp will sign, there will be a free bottle of champagne sent. I estimate next season we will see at least 18 African players at Portsmouh, a creche with 152 places for the Papa/Kanu/Benjani clan and a number of Nigerian take-away's selling foo-foo and mash all over the south coast.

Last but not least two comment on that thug Joey Barton. Now here is a man, on x amount of big paper a week, who has done explained he has no love for the game, his team mates or the fans. An offence list as long as a jumbo jet and after claiming he has changed for the better, then went and beat up a taxi driver at Christmas and ended up in jail for two weeks. Now released from his habitat/jail stint he has resumed training at his club Newcastle with the backing of the club, that he is a changed man. Joey Barton couldn't change his shoes unless they had velcro.


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