Sunday, January 20, 2008

Diana - The last word

Raas, it's been more than ten years since this woman dead and they can't allow her children to grieve in peace, with their lies, cover ups and payoff's - all under the premice to protect National Security and the Sovreignty. As a black person I view the royals slightly different to most. And a Liverpool die-hard I detest them as much I do as Everton. In fact I view the Royal's as crooks, thieves and inter-breeders who's public facade is one of the most blantant hypocracies you are likely to see. Even as recent as Charles getting remarried to Camila, they were re-writing the rules to a religion people invested their whole lives in and were unable to question. Under Catholism you are prevented from getting remarried again in a church. Yet these people are able to flaunt a God given law as though they were above God. When you have been brought up with knowledge that they stole the gold and helped to plot and scheme in the trade of slaves from Africa to the UK, then like many black people, the last King we respected was assasinated on a hotel veranda in 1968.

This brings me to the point of Diana. I am no detective and have no formal training in the art of criminal intelligence, I was brought up with my Mum's words, 'look in their eye to see the truth'. This has blessed me through 40 years of adult life to spot the good and bad in people. Suffice to say Mum is more often right than wrong. From the outset the mannerism's of Charles and his mum were suspect to say the least. I have had friends who served five years in Belmarsh for behaving less suspect. OK not you Chingy...but the other's, yes. It was not so much as the way they outed Diana that proved their guilt but in the way they went about covering up their tracks. How Diana died can be discussed forever in the same way we can discuss how many bullets hit 2Pac or Biggie and whether there was one get-a-away driver or two. Those rumours will always persist around slain stars. The difference in those cases and Diana's is that black people don't have those skills and level of survelligence and contact's to know the top man at Interpol or MI5. We know Lloyd from Bolton and that's as far as our contact's reach. The whole cover up was to squash the rumours that Diana was about to marry Dohdi Fayed, Mo Fayed's the Harrods boss's son and a muslim.

That is the crunch point. The royals could not have the future kings of England being brought up under Muslim guidance and influence. Raas you could imagine Tony or Gordon want to fight Iran/Iraq or some next Muslim land and Harry and William asking them ' a wha de bloodclout?' or words to that effect. Who would England be able to go and beat up then? As you know Christian countries do not fight other Christian countries, so being unable to fight Muslim countries, will only leave a few Catholic one's, which have either been dealt with or pose no threat to the capitalistic vices of the so-called christian white socks brigade. The arms industry would be in uproar, with no-one to sell their one billion pound super duper jet fighter that could drop 400lb bombs on innocent people. Heaven forbid we stop developing weapons that kill these muslims who have no fear when they act as terrorists. The price to pay for a royal going against the grain is too massive to pay. We are no longer in the days of gentile Mr and Mrs Simpson where they would banish you to Coventry and stop sending you invites to state banquets and royal hunting holidays in Scotland. We are in a different era and for any royal or top government official to come to that, to go against the grain - that path of one world order - will result in ultimate death, regardless of who they are.

I hope with all my heart that Mo Fayed exposes these fraudsters for what they are and brings to justice those repsonsible for the death of his son. Could you imagine if that would a been Ice T son or Snoop Dogg. They should think themselves lucky as we would either have had some answers by now or some AK would a been popping off at the palace late some nights. Trust..


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