Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Government and missing data

Recently there have been events surrounding the government and lost or missing computer data. As a Database Administrator of more than six years experience and twenty odd in the IT field, I believe I am more than qualified to offer my two pennies worth on the disgraceful and embarrassing conduct at these data centres and show there is more to this than meets the eye. Do not be fooled by these people and their gimmicks, who are more out-dated than Tommy Cooper and his fez.

In simpleton terms a database is like a phone book. Within that phone book, you have names, addresss, telephone numbers etc. Now this is very similar in the real world the only difference is the content and security of the telephone book. In our homes, the telephone book is more than likely be on a coffee table or in black people's house, a 1997 S-Z version, on the stairs or on landing. Bascially the book is within reach of anyone in your home who requires the use of the book and its contents. Now the man outside cannot see your telephone book unless you allow him in your home or you left the door open and all he did was take the telephone book. No jewellerey or the new SKY+ HD player. No, just that old telephone book and made a getaway leaving no prints or clues, like that brother delivering a box of milk tray dead in the night.

This is what the governement want you to believe. A database is an important part of any organisation and standards and procedures are in place to prevent such things happening. To hear an IT company using postage as a method to transfer data is akin to back to a PC without windows. There are such things as database links, to link one database to another. Another option would be to set up a thing called a network which will allow the staff to not only send documents without envelopes but use this new revolution called email. In time you may get to understand the concepts of backups, but I feel this will be too much too soon for your IT staff.

Up to now we Database Administrator'ss have been commanding a fee, slightly less than Rio, but enough to make you feel like Rio and dem boys and such news events does not help when I go to my boss for a new an improved contract in February. So may I kindly ask the government to stop playing with my livelihood, by displaying such incompentence and should they have inadequate staff there are many DBA's available who will gladly put things right for a 12 month 150,000 a year contract.


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