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TSPOONFR - Book Review - January 2008

Following the success of the previous month's book review, the first of 2008, list's something for everyone, not just political and educational, but includes sports and humour, which I also hope you enjoy as much I have read over the past six months or so.

If you are unable to find the required time to read and enhance your intellectual capacity then may I suggest a career in I.T. where you have a minimum of five hours a days spare, (just call it monitoring) to either read, research Jemma Jamison's latest educational flick or perform the many errands and tasks that wifey has set you. Reading a book gets you in less trouble, start turning those pages.....

January 2008 - top ten

George Galloway - I'm not the only one

Mr Galloway is the only MP to be totally accountable and open to the public. His socialistic values and ability to venture into areas unaccustomed to people of such ilk, has enabled leaders far and wide to endorse the beliefs and stand side by side with him. His passion to seek justice and an end to the oppression suffered by millions at the hands of the zionist elite have made GG an enemy to many, but a multitude of friends from the poorest corners of the earth. His stance and support for Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez has granted him iconic status amongst revolutionaries alike.

Guns & Gangs - Graeme McLagan

A deep insight into the countless and senless black on black crime which has escalated dramtically since the start of the millenium. McLagan, delves into the minds and areas of our youth to bring you a fly on the wall into where the guns come from, who uses them, why and the impact it has on all our familes. One of the best books about black on black crime you are likely to read, including detailed accounts with victims and perpatraters on both sides of the battle.

Ugly - Constance Bristoe

Written by a woman, brought up in South London, who's detailed account of growing up in1970's Britian, was marked by endless sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her parents and an assortment of social workers. How she overcame such hostility and deprevation to become the Mother, Wife, writer and icon for British black women that she has become today, is still beyond belief after reading this book.

Alan Brazil - An awful lot of bubbly in Brazil

To regular listeners of TALKSport radio in the morning breakfast show, you will be aware of Mr Brazil's penchant for a '50 Cent' lifestyle involving horse-racing, skiing and champagne. Here Brazil, open up on his relationship with sidekick, Mike Parry, his days spent as a footballer, pre premiership and endless stories of run ins and battles with authority from football, media and the racing world.

Ricky Gervais - The world of Karl Pilkington

For those of you who love the Office and Extra's this is Ricky Gervais in author mode. Aided by his two admirable stooges in Karl Pilkington and Steve Merchant, it is clear to see, the real brains behind the Ricky Gervais image. Karl Pilkington could be considered the funniest comedien over th past 50 years, but then again he would find it an insult to be termed a comedien. I dare you to not read this book in one sitting and not buy another 5 copies of amazon for your friends.

John Barnes - Out of his Skin

As a Liverpool fan for more than 30 years, I read most autobiographies and interesting books about past and present players. This one intrigued me, not so much an auotbiography, but how another black perosn viewed Johnny B's period, while playing for Liverpool. The before and after racism conflicts, the passion for JB to lead campaigns either highlighting racism or ending injustice. A well thought out book, that gives you another insight into that period at Liverpool when we were kings.

Brian Clough - Dammed United

For any admier of footballer and it's characters, this is one of the best football books I have ever read. It details Clough's terbulant period as Manager of Leeds United in 1974, following the depature of Don Revie to manage Enland. Clough lasted only 44 days at the club, he had spent the previous 5 years labelling as thugs. His first words when greeting his new team who had just been crowned champions, was "You're all shit, and you won nothing fairly and I'm here to make you proper champions". What a legend.

Donda West - Rasing Kanye

Sadly, three months after realeasing this book, Kayne's mother passed away following a severe and sudden illness. It just goes to show, treasure every moment you have with your loved ones, especially Mum. As I have been banging on about on this blog, when you're parents are successfull it's is much easier for the children to follow and as a new set of parents comes to the fore, parents like this set thebenchmark. Kayne's Mum, is a true leader in that respect and has layed down the standards required for modern day parenthood. A must read for any parent or a book for Mum.

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want

Oh man, where do you want to me to start with this book. Granted I have not recently read this, but had to include in this review. It's from the lady who bought you 'Acts of Faith' and if you're asking what 'Act's of Faith' is - then shame on you. Finding Yourself, is for everyone who has not cleared their minds for more than a decade and removing those old ideas and concepts, channelling them into constuctive and workable actions. This book will challenge you to question, who, how and why you love. How love differ's between your Parents, your wife and your children, How to not be shy to love, how to give and what you can expect. Without this book, I would not be celebrating 15 years of happiness with wifey but more like posses a black book of phone numbers and looking to find some nightclub at 40 years old.

Superbad: The Violent Rise and Fall of the Black Mafia

Following the movie American Gangster, I delved to uncover how Denzil could get away with the drugs and who was Nicky Barnes. Well boy oh boy. This is an eye opener. We have some black man who can rival John Gotti and Mr Giovanni. This lays the background to the murders and killings in Philedelphia during that period and how many Black Muslims were leading double lives acting as law abiding citizens during the day and audtioning for Godfather once nightime falls. A great read for those interested in GodFather and US history.


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