Monday, January 28, 2008

Weed via vending Machine - only in the US

Last night, news came out of the USA, not about the leadership challenge involving Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton, but of a new vending machine, operating out of California, where it distributes weed and good sensi, rather than a coffee white with sugar ioBefore you rip up your dealer's number or cuss about the last small bag you bought, this service is only available to those with proof of a medical condition which requires weed or for those familiar with the Microsoft copy software.

Like all good things which derive from the States, it will be in the UK in the early part of 2014, depending on the government at the time. Could be a good reason to start voting....

Also from the land that bought you Hamburger's and 2 for one meals, McDonald's has launched an A level course where students can study for a McJob. Ye fe real, instead of opting to study adult entertainment and how to buy a porno channel, like Shaun Wright Phillips, they will be expecting our children to study Mc Pooh. Whatever next? Soccer schools run by Emile Heskey?


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