Monday, February 4, 2008

The Tiger and the chasing pack

Once in a while a sports person comes along and either re-writes the passages of history or changes the way the current game is played and makes the other competitors raise they're game to a standard, medical scientists will have difficulty re-producing on the next release of golf on the wii.

That person is none other than Tiger Woods the golfer. In a sport, where black people were not allowed to enter the gates, 25 years ago, Tiger has reinvented the game considered to be above our station. Without getting into too many facts, statistics and endless superlatives I could throw Tiger's way, I just wanted to highlight the latest comic line he threw out after winning his 63rd professional golf tournament.

Last week, prior to the Dubai Golf Classic, Ian Poulter, A British golfer, just inside the world's top 25, gave an interview where he claimed he was the only golfer on tour able to challenge Tiger and spoil Tiger's quest for the Tiger Slam (Golf's four major's won in a single season). During the tournament, I wondered where Poulter was. Not even at the same tournament as Tiger, but at the same time beating up his gums. Tiger arrived and destroyed the course for the first two days. On the third his putting was slightly off, couldn't get the right line, and he shot a 73 to give his rivals, Ernie Else, Nicholas Fasth and Lee Westwood a sniff of chance, overnight. The final day saw Tiger trailing by four shots, but those of us who have watched Tiger's career from infancy, had our spliff's, vimto and Amstel beer on hand, as we, like all the players knew, that this was Tiger's day. Four shots behind, wind swirling, not putting too great - A no big ting. Needless to say, Tiger wore his customery red shirt for the final round and birdied three of the last four holes to win by a stroke over Els. Nuff said.

At the victory speech, the commentator asked Tiger how he felt about winning his first two tournaments of the season, to which Tiger replied, "I could not have asked for much else, as the new number two, Ian Poulter is breathing down my neck". Classic Tiger. I feel that this will be the last we hear from Mr Poulter, just as much when Nick Faldo challenged Tiger eight years ago and ended his career, in one miserly round on a Sunday afternoon at Augusta.

You golfers have been warned.... Don't mess with 'T'. If you do not want him to overtake Jack Nicho's record of 18 major titles this time next year (Tiger currently stands at 14) then may I suggest you keep your mouth shut, hope Tiger has arms-house with baby-love at home (but from the pictures we see at his victory parade - I doubt it) and does not turn up to the tournaments with his A game intact.


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