Thursday, February 7, 2008

Eastenders - What the f**k Bradley...

To those of you familiar with the ongoings at Albert Square, you would have notice the recent marriage of Bradley and Stacey. Just before I continue, I would like to add that at times in Holland the TV coverage is poor until midnight and then Holland TV comes to life. But during the evening I am greatful to recieve any kind of UK TV possible, even if it is Countdown and Ender.

What I noticed the other night, was that Bradley had a good good job, as my Mum would say. Decide to get marry to the girl on the market stall, while he was contemplating promotion, endless business lunches and a company car to rival that of his estranged Father, Max. All was going to plan until they returned from honeymoon.

Upon their return with Stacy grinning that she is now entilted to half, Bradley lost his job and is now working in the market as some kind of inspector, able to keep on eye on Wifey no doubt, to ensure she does run off to Max, while pretending to be stock taking. The strange thing I found through my weed tinted glasses, would be that a black man would not ever contemplate lowering his standards to such an extent in such a short space of time. I mean he did not even try to go and see the local guy on the housing estate and get a key of hash on bail for three weeks. He could have bought a barrel of export items from India and knocked them out on ebay or in a pound shop. Nor did he go to see the Nigerian man and enquire about any passport and counterfeit operation in full flow, he could get a piece of. If the show is to be realistic then can they show real life situations. Even a small street robbery or insurance fraud on wifey's stock, could get them a two bedroom in Torremolinos. Just saying thats all.


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