Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why it's not good to listen to G Unit while at work

As one of those people who loves to listen to my music, even at work so as not to engage in idle and batty chat, I am forever found with earphones in ear typing away looking busy, all the while, I am merely completing registration forms to subscribe to free porn sites.

Today, I arrived to work, happy as usual (most contractors wake up happy, even if we have one leg - we're going to work and getting paid) and after my customery review of the broadsheet newspapers, I plug in and tune out. I have the latest G Unit album, download of course, as I have not been in a record shop for nearly eight years and have no intention of purchasing music again. Bless you, who ever invented downloads, mp3's and mpegs. Anyway, I have the latest G Unit mixtape album of G Unit, with Fiddy and Banks back to they're lyrical best. Anyway to cut a long story short, in the middle of one the tracks, where Banks was spitting lyrical wax on Cameron (you need to reply Cameron), I lost myself for a moment and blurrted out 'I splurt with the gat, mutherfucking, G Unit'. Needless to say the looks I recieved from the rest of my team members cast me as the devil quicker than you could say Bin Laden and the myth that I listened to Elton John and Robbie Williams has been well and truely squashed.


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