Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why did Kevin Keegan return to Newcastle

While watching last night's match between Newcastle and Birmingham (sad but true) I couldn't help to wonder what was the point of Kevin Keegan's return to Newcastle, and why are some fans so fickle they are unable to see past the short term of events.

In the 10 games KK has been in charge of the black & white Geordies, I believe they have managed 3 shots on goal, 1 goal and lost 7 of the 10 matches he has been in charge. What makes the situation even more grey and wintery was that Keegan was specifically bought back to lift spirits and stem the flow of a ship, that not only had lost it's way, but was like an old canoe in the vessel of the premiership. Keegan can see that football has changed in the few years he has been away, with today's player's having no respect for the manager. How can you have player's earning more than the manager, but yet the manager is to get these guys to give 110%?

Watching Keegan is like watching an old uncle trying to keep up with 50 Cent. Someone forget to tell King Kev, that memories count for nothing in this media concious era, which depicts footballer's wives as more important than whether the Newcastle defense actually is aware of the offside law. Here is an example of one of Keegan's talks with a leading player.

Kevin Keegan to Alan Smith:

Well Smithy, I think you have had a few poor games recently, I am dropping you to make way for a player, who will get more tackles and give us more options up front.

Alan Smith: That's fine gaffer, but if I put in a transfer request will I lose my signing on fee and win bonuses? In fact I'll go to Marbella next week on paid leave, if that's OK with ya boss and let you get on with it?

A team with thug and racist Joey Barton can have no sympatrhy from me, and a team with Michael 'I still think I'm great' Owen, Smith, Mark 'I only play once a month' Viduka and defender's you would dare not pick on playstation, then this is a Gordon Ramsey recipe for disaster.

With player power in the palms of the greedy footballer's Keegan could have a long wait on his hands, to turn things around and get the team playing the brand of football, its long waiting supporters deserve. But in bringing back Keegan I feel they have lost an opportuity to clear the decks and rebuild properly. Should they become relegated in May, then the rebuilding process will be longer and more costly. Installing a manager based soley on emotional grounds suggests how fickle and short sighted the fans and chairmen are.


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