Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heather Mills: Take the money and hush girl

Ex Wife of Sir Paul McCartney, won more than £24million in her divorce settlement and is still looking for camera man to let off steam. What is wrong with this woman? Has dry root set in her leg and caused some kind of malfunction, like the Bionic Woman? Before she take the money, light a big 'White Widow' and start plan future for her daughter, she is still on TV, telling all and sundry that Paul is really worth £1billion and she have got at least £50m.

Look girl, you was with my man for 4 years and in that time, I never hear one single or a duet from you. No one has any idea what you do for a living and if you were to appear on the Weakest Link next to Jade Goody, very few people would have an idea who you are. You are more than lucky, you were not with a brother from Kennington or Harlsden as I'm sure by now you would either have a filing cabinet for you returned letters from the CSA or Delroy would have made it quite clear, regardless of Judge, Court House, Solictor or SKY NEWS, he will bring your £20 when HE is ready.

Sisters up and down the country in hairdressers, waiting for the Nigerian lady to finsh her foo-foo, are tutting their teeth at you and wondering how you are not in Barbados with Cheryl Cole, getting it on with some dreadlocks black man, in tight trunks and free weed.


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