Monday, April 11, 2011

News of the World - Apology not accepted !!!

Following the debacle of the NotW and it's phone tapping scandal, the newspaper have now issued an apology which means the matter can be laid to rest. Not !!

The only reason the Scandal paper came out with an apology which amounted to being caught again in the biscuit barrel when wifey says 'only one biscuit per day', was that they had no more lies to tell or could no longer be bothered explaining the need to tap people's mobile phones seeking crimes not committed by politicians who engage in fetishes which would not be out of place on the Adult Channel (903). They somehow want you to believe it is in the National's interest to fathom out what Andy Gray had for dinner the previous night or can Mystic Meg forsee you winning that week's Bingo and walking off with £50.

The owner of the tabloid, Mr Rupert Murdoch with his status of upper-upper-super-upper class is so out of touch with any sense of realism, that he has far more important engagements than to become embroiled with mere mortals seeking condemnation for criminal activities produced by his editors and journalists on his behalf.

The only real shock within the journalism sphere, to which I am proud to be a member, is that there are not more publications found wanting when it comes to under-hand activities such as this. Long has been my stance that we no longer live in a democracy that to me these situations are no longer shocking. What was shocking was that they called a press-conference to apologise. It's a bit like a mass murderer being caught after the 16th body has been found, putting his hands and saying sorry, because the victim was asking for it.

Until we go back to independent journalism which gives a balanced view of events, I expect to see more and more of these scandals.

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