Friday, April 3, 2009

Rise to the top for Mark Cavendish

A successful 2008 in the prestigious Tour De France, winning four stages and receiving the respect of the top cyclists, Mark Cavendish has gone from strength to strength, placing him in sporting terms, as Britain's top sportsman. The pub argument continues to reigns between Cav, Andrew Murray and Steve Gerrard, but for sheer determination, consistency at a world level and that strange British word, success, Cavendish has surpassed them all. This year, Cavendish has continued to outgun his rivals in classics such as Paris - Nice and went on to claim two stages in the Spanish tour back in February. This promises to be a fruitful year for British cyclists, with Sir Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, Vicky P and Olympic and current woman's tour champion, Nicola Cooke all clamoring for honours in the biking world. Roll on June for the start of the Tour de France, where I will be shouting 'Allez Mark, ' amongst the thousands of local French fans, wearing my Liverpool shirt, trying to blend in.

For those interested cyclists who follow the tour I am in phase 2 preparation, cycling up to 100kms a day and three hours in the gym. My agent is in advanced negotiations with a prominent bike manufacture and following Lewis Hamilton's victory last year's in motor racing's Formula One, Rio Ferdinand, the undisputed captain of Manchester United and sometimes England and Trevor McDonald celebrating 25 years on TV presenting the news, fees for black sportsmen have tripled. I am currently awaiting feedback from an application form I submitted to the tour advisers explaining the lack of colour being represented in the peleton and how I could hold my own against other like minded professional drug connoisseurs.


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