Friday, April 3, 2009

Calm dan Rafa, Calm down son !!!!

Politely put - this translates to Rafa keeping his trap shut and focusing on getting Liverpool our first championship in nineteen, yes, nineteen long hard felt, tired years. We are in as strong as position as ever and now is not the time to be playing mind games with Sir Alex. Throughout British football it's known as 'The Keegan Trap', which rears its ugly head whenever Manchester United are under pressure and need to upset their rivals. page 246 of Sir Alex Ferguson autobiography "Managing my Life".

As you can imagine I am getting rather excited at the prospects of the super reds, I just hope Rafa does not ruin it up with his press comments and responses to Sir Alex. But having listened to Rafa for the past four years, I concluded years ago, that he and I smoke the same weed. With eight games to go, second place in the premiership and about to play Chelsea in the quarter finals of the Champions League, some would say life couldn't get any better. But if like me, you indulge in the finest Amsterdam has to offer, then thoughts of bikini clad women, bringing you a beer at half time, half a joint in the ashtray and in the comfort of a leather-clad armchair, then there's always more.

Obviously my preference is for the premiership as I believe the strain and pressure it puts on the players to be involved in both competitions at this stage is unrealistic. Fatigue, suspensions, lack of form, at this stage of the season, so much is about luck and fortune rather than exquisite team play, that you live in hope more so than an sense of acquired asurity.

I'll stop from boring the millions of readers unfamilar with my passion for Liverpool, suffice to say shall we win the premiership in May, you can bet tspoonfr will be there to bring you live and direct feed and to gloat over my Chelsea, Manu and Arsenal friends.


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