Friday, April 3, 2009

We're Back.... The No.1 for Satirical News

tspoonfr - the number one blog site for satirical news, sports, politics and where to buy the best weed from is back on the pages of your browser.

After 5 months of incarceration at Guantanamo Bay (a simple misunderstanding, when I explained Black guys don't do terrorism) I escaped the clutches of the media and PC police squad's to bring you unparalleled, eye-witness accounts of what's really happening in Ashely Cole's house on a Sunday morning with him and Cheryl.

Want to really now who is behind the Somali pirates and the storming of the ships at sea? Read tspoonfr. Need to be kept up to date with Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Keyshia Cole, and how you can bombard them with voice mails, emails and promise to love, honour and go down on them and give them the best oral they experienced? Only at tspoonfr.

What's the inside game of President Barak (alleged crook) and their policies for opening more weed shops and legalising three-somes, read all about it at tspoonfr.

Are Liverpool about to win their first league title in 18 years, eventually laying to rest the ghosts of Hansen, Dalglish and Ronnie Rosenthal? Catch all the top football and sports stories right here, free of charge, no download fee and no rip off advertising, apart from the odd porn logo in the bottom right hand corner, but porn is not advertising and this is highlighting to the millions of readers the pleasures they can get from water sports sex. Only at tspoonfr.

Tell your friends, tell your work-mates, tell the people you share underwear with to log in and wise up to the media stories dominating the world today. Tell them to visit to get their daily fix of events and stories dominating the news. Some article's will be serious 'as a heart attack' to inform our readers rather than dictate. Others take a light-hearten look into the characters, celebrities and those knuckle-heads who seem to attract trouble and controversy, akin to how flies gather around a certain delicacy.

One subtle difference you will see while reading this blog - is that I am in no way portraying a balanced view. This is my view. My way how I see the world and I am too long in the tooth to debate the pros and cons of balanced journalism. Does the BBC, SKY etc give balanced views when delivering reports about dead babies in Iran, Palestine or Sudan? Do the major media outlets deliver a balanced view when discussing racism, poverty or the fact that the prison and judiciary system continues to clamp down on the unfortunate, destitute and defenseless? If you want such 'BALANCED' views then may I suggest the 56 daily newspapers, the majority owed by Rupert Murdoch and his bunch of highway men.

Our first report is an interview with newly elected US President, Barak Obama who outlines to tspoonfr his vision and hopes for the future and whether there is a place in his cabinet for the likes of Don King, Beyonce and Chris Rock.

Go and get a coffee, roll a nice big white widow (with tobacco) spliff and come back and chill !!!!

Due to unforeseen circumstances at the head office of blog spot, the comment's section is unavailable at present and Linux engineers, certified in Red Hat 4, will be working around the clock, on triple overtime rate to solve the problem. Personal colleagues and Celebrities may mail me at my personal email address, condolences to those who have failed to ever grace my presence over Amsterdam's finest Orange Bud.

tspoonfr - editor in chief

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