Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why there is no God but GOD.

Recently there has been a systematic world-wide campaign of atheism to steer people away from having belief in a higher source. Regardless of religion, faith or belief, this is not only morally wrong but will place us on a path, where the removal of faith or lack of credibility in religion will turn the world as we know it - on it's head. I am in no way affiliated to the Church or any religious movement, I just have respect for people who do, rather than cow-tow to those that do not. It's like having a movement for people who did not agree with Hitler - and call themselves 'Anti-Hitler' group or 'Athitler'. The Atheists are just a group of idealists in much the same way as Bin Laden and fundamental terrorists have an ideology to terrorize and bomb their way to what ever 'Promised Land' they seek.

I am 40 odd year's old and only last week, due to the anniversary of the death of the man who discovered/invented or thought of evolution: Charles Darwin, a number of TV shows were shown explaining his theory of why there is no God. I had heard of evolution, but never put all of it together, then after watching one of these shows, I thought 'what a load of nonsense'. How can you not have a God? How do you have morality without doctrine? If there is no God, on what basis is there any meaning or hope for fairness, comfort or better times? That's what Darwin was all about. Pure and utter foolishness. And how come Black man do not know of him? I can tell you why. Because in every black person house as far as I know, Religion is the cornerstone of the home. The rock that glues every emotional issue together for clarity and reasoning. Even if your Father or Husband is an alcoholic or drug dealer, religion is still there in the background, trying to get through a drunken adult, working on forgiveness, compassion, a light at the end of the tunnel. This is all related to a God and without it, what hope is there for those less fortunate? And how did this man, Darwin last so long in the pages of history? Why because people could not prove that God existed ?? What utter rubbish. No wonder the 'A' group can see a light and spout their propaganda and misinformation that focus directly on the Muslim religion, but will sweep up the other religions in it's path. They're basic failure to understand why a set of people, whether that be in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq or come to that, the situation in Southern Ireland who will fight for land, which by law is there's, is beyond the comprehension of most Christians - who would dare not shed a drop of they're blood to believe in a cause where they are the victims, forever oppressed, force-fed and denied the most basic of lives values, land, prosperity and forgiveness. To other religions and faith's, God is more than a person or source that filters in and out of your life, rather a permanent friend you want at your side on a daily basis to guide you through the storms and forest of life.

In the mean time, these groups of pathetic hypocrites, who get married and give their vows to a God and baptize/christen their children in the eyes of the Father now want to inflict their warped vision on an innocent majority who need a guidance in their lives. On a majority of people who have a hard day at work (if they can find a job) and praise the Father for getting them through the day. There are actually some people who need God in their lives to show them how to be better Father's, Husbands, Mother's, Son's, Daughter, all round better human beings. And why is this: because there are no books out there that inform you of such and such contradictory evidence and facts has brought us to a state where the western world has the highest divorce rate in the world. Where capitalism rules everyone and is justifiable to everything. Where children are ruling their parents as the Government and Churches have removed the many footholds and structures that were in place to prevent such hardship, desperation and an ability to function as a human being in this corrupt, dog-eat-dog society that we live in today.

The Far right Christians and those who worship monetary gains over spiritual, are pushing the mindless masses into a cesspit of delusion of which there will be no return. Again, I must emphasis I am of no religious group and even resent Christianity as a whole, but I respect My Mother's views to worship and the views of the man at the corner shop, who prayers on a Friday and my accountant who worships on a entirely different day and cannot have a smoke on Wednesday, but will gladly kick back and roll one on a Saturday night. This article is about the right to believe in God and our basic human right's and freedom's as individual's in a society which will use whatever means it has to continue to control, deceive and enslave 90% of people on this planet.

Advertising and slick marketing campaigns on the metro, underground, buses and in the media. New Hollywood movie's such as "Religilious", "The Golden Compass", "The God who was not There", Scientists Richard Hawkins and Christopher Hitchins and their once-a-month documentaries on the internet and TV. Finally, the installation of a puppet president, about to bring about "Change" but in reality will spearhead the attack to remove religion and get us to believe in 'One' is all part of the plan to remove that dirty word: religion. The global economic crisis, the housing and mortgage market meltdown, the failure to resolve the Palestinian issue or reduce the number of people who live below the poverty line. The constant threat of terrorism and so-called intelligence, global warming and the eradication of certain mammal's, plants, river's and wildlife the evaporation of species, borders, currency are all part of the 'big picture' to get things rolling towards 'One religion. One Army, One Government, One currency. One leader. One World !!!

Some of the questions I would have for people who are non-believers are as follows:-

How can we adopt a moral system without there being a God? If God does not exist, is there any basis for ever being moral? "If all of life is meaningless, and ultimately absurd, why bother to march straight forward, why stand in the queue as though life as a whole makes sense?" In a universe without God or immortality, how is mankind ultimately different from a swarm of mosquitoes or a barnyard of pigs? Without absolute morals, what ultimate difference is there between Saddam Hussein and Oprah?

We have already seen the break-up of countries, under the banner of commercialism and capitalism, the formation of the Euro and the irreversible breakup of the Soviet Union, under the guise of 'removing communism'. The power Israel is gaining on a yearly basis, makes them the 4th biggest army in the world; a country where 60 years ago you would struggle to find them on an atlas or world map. The middle-east oil crisis which shows no sign of coming to a comprehensive conclusion and threatens more division and illegal wars. The constant lies and deception, a propaganda expertly managed, by a few, delivered via our media moguls, has left a population of people who do not question and are un-educated into the complexities of those who govern and manage our worldly affairs. It's akin to Stevie Wonder, entering an F1 race, claiming he can beat world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Now they are to attack our beliefs in religion and once we have a generation of non-believer's it will be a piece of cake for the globalists to implement their continued domination and influence.

But why now? Why in this period of selfish-me man kind are we abandoning such institutions without so much of a murmur or 'objection your honor'? If you have failed to see the growth and mass movement of atheism spreading the globe, then let me tell you, right here and right now, that should these people have their way and manage to convince to their politician friends many of their favorite sayings. "That there is no need for religion" or that "religion is the cause of many of the wars which we have witnessed in recent times" or another of it's favorite quotes "Religion is the divider between people and nations", then the mass people on a whole can have no one to blame but themselves for being duped and hoodwinked into a plan that has been in the process for more than 300 years. A plan which controls not only the fabric of Church, it's rules and secret inner circles but it's importance in keeping the large extent of the population in a state of darkness, oblivious to the complex workings of a country or the laws in place which keep them from ever reaching 'The Promise Land'.

How or what could control and deceive a mass of people without inflicting personal pain? Only religion. But was that be all religions or only specific ones? From the number of books I have read on a variety of subjects, my conclusion came to me - that Christianity is used to influence once set of people to rule and oppress another set of people. For some unknown reason, from whenever I can remember I have always questioned religious leaders, values and the atrocities they inflicted towards their followers and believers - first as an interest as to how black people were so easy-led into becoming slaves and then further into religious massacres such as Jonestown and Waco. Now we have the slaughter of hundreds of innocent people in Pakistan this month, by suspected Indian Christian's. I used to wonder how Christianity dealt with surviving in a capitalist system and the proof of the pudding is that it cannot. I believe it's the failure of the Church leaders to provide concrete answers to society's ill's that has driven thousands of people into the arms of atheists and groups alike. As a non Christian I was aware more than 25 years ago that it (Christianity) failed to have any answers for modern life, so I fully understand people not wanting to follow or to question it's doctrine, but to deny other people the privilege due to the spreading of misinformation by another group is almost as sad as being judged guilty for carrying Semtex explosives when all you have in your rucksack is a loaf of bread and a chocolate bar. It's a clear as day, why the war in Iraq has not stopped. Clear as Britney Spears' underwear why Israel is allowed to continue to justify their horrific and senseless bombing of the Palestinians without so much as a murmur from Church leaders. But how this must feel to honest, caring Church going folk or how they battle with their conscious is what allows this movement to flourish.

So now there are no answers to the world in which they manufactured and bribed and raped and pillaged generations of people, now people are questioning the purpose of Christianity, they seek to abandon it. I have yet to hear a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or any other denomination talk about giving up on their religion. What nonsense. I wonder what place of worship or building these same people will get married, baptism, funerals, Christenings and what message it will send to the billions who have already been down this path. Was it all immaterial and pointless?

This concludes my main point: Why has the Atheist propaganda machine, chosen this moment to enhance its standings and oiled it's greasy wheels to come out of the closet, so to speak? We are entering a phase of humankind, where more and more of our civil liberties and rights as a human being are being removed faster than Concorde. No one questions the global elite more than the Muslims, as to read the same book and call Bush II, Barak Obama or Gordon Brown a liar is tantamount to treason. For the majority of Christians it seems too much effort or hard-work to follow any of the ten commandments, as this would mean accountability and if it's one thing I have learnt about Christians is that they resent being accountable to anyone, much less God. Why, without God, we can cheat on our wives, tell all and sundry we are perfect parents, the cause for everything bad in the world is down to the immigrants etc etc.... Watch for the continued rise in atheism and then spare five minutes and wonder where they are leading us and why.

It's not a question of why do we need religion, more a question, where has it gone? Having belief in God is not the same as whether to choose a football or rugby team. God is far more important than that and the removal of God from our society will have repercussions that mere man will be unable to fathom, comprehend or ever solve.


in respect for my late Grandma,

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