Monday, April 18, 2011

Stop blaming the immigrants for all our ills

Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem - what's the difference? None. As they all live in bigger houses and have their children go to better school's than yours. They'll also not worry about their pension when that end date arrives.

It's the public's fault for playing this stupid game of electoral voting. I have no sympathy for the electorate. Long gone are the days of Democracy in the UK - maybe as far back as 1945. And if you think a change of Government will make any difference, then you deserve all you get for your naivety. I am aged 48, never ever voted, no intention of voting and neither do I complain. I am blessed with a lovely lifestyle and loving family. Maybe people should start questioning the corruption and deceit of all the politicians, regardless of party, rather than the easy option of picking on defenceless immigrants, who's cuisine's you all enjoy, but would prefer to keep at arm's distance.

The immigrants did not get the UK involved into 3 wars which put a drain on society. The immigrants did not steal the money from the Banks. The immigrants did not force up the house prices with their greed. How many CEO's or Chief Execs are there that are immigrants? But then again when something goes wrong, it surely can't be us British people as WE live in a Democratic society that is the blue print for the rest of the world to follow. Utter nonsense. Wake up and smell the cappuccino.

I wonder how many people know the difference between a Hindhu, Muslim, Buddhist or Sikh never-mind who is an immigrant or who has the right to live here. This is more to do with a fraction of the public who have very little empathy, wishing to return to their Anglo Saxon way of life in Britain, with the Krays running around enforcing their version of law and order and Starsky & Hutch back on BBC TV before Match of the Day started. The world has long moved on, whether for the better or the worse, but it has moved. Ignorance needs to move along too. There are more paedophilia's living in UK than Muslim women who wear Burka's.

If you want someone to blame, blame the electorate who time and time again vote for such imbeciles, as Blair, Cameron, Clegg, Major, Harold Wilson, Thatcher, Anthony Eden, James Callaghan, Clement Atlee, Alec Douglas-Home. What makes you think that the next Prime Minister will do any different?

If you wish to claim multiculturalism then that involves more than having Lenny Henry on TV and a few unsavoury characters in Eastenders. Engage in dialect with someone of a different race, religion creed, sexuality and refrain from walking around blinkered with the mindset of an ant.

tspoonfr - 18/4/2011

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